Enterprise Released Its New Home & Hope Site Mapping Tool

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Enterprise’s Pacific Northwest market has released its new Home & Hope Site Mapping Tool, which allows users to filter tax-exempt land within King County’s urban growth area to identify potential sites for affordable housing and early learning centers. This mapping tool, which was created in partnership with Futurewise and with generous support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, enables users to view parcels on the map, export a list, view a data summary and link through to the King County Parcel Viewer and Enterprise Opportunity360 to learn more about specific locations, understand communities and improve outcomes. The tool is part of Enterprise’s Home & Hope initiative, which aims to transform underutilized tax-exempt and public land into quality homes connected to early childhood education opportunities. Earlier this year Enterprise released Home & Hope: Creating Early Learning and Affordable Housing Together, a report that guides users through the project development process for affordable housing with early learning centers  from site selection to finance, design and, finally, operation.

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New Enterprise Case Study – Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Advancing Implementation in the Puget Sound Region

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On October 2, Enterprise released Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Advancing Implementation in the Puget Sound Region, a case study that addresses challenges associated with the publicly owned parcel development process in the region. It focuses on six areas that will help public agencies expand and better coordinate their efforts, establish effective policies, and put adequate resources in place to facilitate more equitable development on publicly owned parcels:

1. Supporting mixed-income development on publicly owned parcels.

2. Developing large and/or master planned sites efficiently and equitably.

3. Establishing effective site control/valuation practices to facilitate affordable housing.

4. Improving internal processes and cross-agency coordination.

5. Improving the efficiency of the solicitation process.

6. Implementing interim uses on sites.

For more information on this case study and the Enterprise Publicly Owned Parcels research initiative, please contact Ahmad Abu-Khalaf, research analyst (aabukhalaf@enterprisecommunity.org) or James Madden, senior program director (jmadden@enterprisecommunity.org).   

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Resources from Seattle Publicly Owned Parcels Sessions Now Available

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On July 26, Enterprise held a regional forum in Seattle on Utilizing Publicly Owned Parcels to Create AffordabilityThe event was generously hosted by the Washington State Housing Finance Commission (WSHFC) and sponsored by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

The forum featured a presentation of Enterprise’s recently released Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels report, as well as a panel discussion that explored this issue in the Puget Sound regional context, which featured several local experts:

  • Brooke Belman, Sound Transit
  • James Madden, Enterprise
  • Uche Okezie, HomeSight
  • Miriam Roskin, City of Seattle Office of Housing
  • Bill Rumpf, Mercy Housing
  • Lisa Vatske, WSHFC

PowerPoint presentations and other event resources can be found on the Public Parcels for Homes website, including information on successful publicly owned parcel development efforts in Austin, Boston, Portland, OR, and San Francisco.

Enterprise will be working with experts from Seattle and across the country to conduct additional research and publish a Puget Sound regional case study. Issues it will discuss include:

  • Mixed-income development on publicly-owned parcels
  • Addressing large sites
  • Efficient site control and valuation practices
  • Improving the efficiency of solicitation requirements and processes
  • Interim uses of sites

For more information on this research, to share insights or get involved, and/or to learn more about this overall initiative, please contact Ahmad Abu-Khalaf (aabu@enterprisecommunity.org) or Michael A. Spotts (mspotts@enterprisecommunity.org).

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Registration Open: Join Us on July 26 for Creating Affordable Homes on Publicly-Owned Parcels

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The need for affordable housing in the Puget Sound region is on the rise. Over the past decade, the region has seen significant population and economic growth, while the supply of affordable homes has not kept pace. As a result, homelessness remains a challenge, thousands of households spend more than half of their incomes on housing, and many households face the risk of displacement. Confronting this challenge requires a multifaceted approach, as outlined in the City of Seattle’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda. In a climate of intense competition for scarce land, one promising approach is the utilization of publicly-owned parcels for affordable housing.

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Welcome to the Public Parcels for Homes Website

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This website serves as the home of Enterprise’s research and technical assistance efforts to support the utilization of publicly owned parcels for community benefits, such as affordable housing. This effort is an outgrowth of an in-depth initiative to support effective public land policies and practices in the Seattle region, funded by the JP Morgan Chase Foundation.

This initiative includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reviews of past publicly owned parcel development initiatives across the country to identify successful elements and areas for improvement.
  • Publication of Public Benefit from Publicly Owned Parcels: Effective Practices in Affordable Housing Development, a national report on leading practices in public parcel development.
  • In depth analysis in the Seattle region to support public agencies’ efforts to deliver community benefits.
  • Direct assistance to relevant stakeholders to develop recommendations and provide technical assistance for incorporating best practices into the planning, funding and solicitation process.

We will post regular updates to this site. In addition, we encourage you to sign up for our mailing list to receive this information in your inbox as it is released.



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